Manually Importing Demo Content

If you ran into issues importing demo content automatically, here’s how to import demo content the manual way.

  1. You should’ve received a zip folder when you purchased your theme, something like Unzip this folder.
  2. Locate the folder demo-import inside and click on it.
  3. Inside you’ll find all the files needed to import the demo content. Files with an extension of .xml are for content/images, etc., .dat files are for Customizer settings, and .wie is for widget settings.
  4. Go Import Demo Data under Appearance and click on “Switch to manual import!”
  1. Browse and select the correct file for all three uploaders. If you want to import content from the Demo 1 layout, upload theme-name-demo-1.wie, theme-name-demo-1.dat, and theme-name-demo-content.xml. For the Demo 2 layout, upload theme-name-demo-2.wie, theme-name-demo-2.dat, and theme-name-demo-content.xml, etc.
  2. Wait for the import to finish before you click away from the page or close the tab.
  3. You’re done! Check your site to make sure the import was finished successfully.