Frequently Asked Questions


I got an error message that said “style.css is missing.” What did I do wrong?
After uploading a theme I got an error message that said “Incompatible Archive.” What should I do?
How come my site doesn’t look like the demo?
How do I update my theme?
How do I create a featured post on top of my blog page?
How come my logo and site title aren’t showing up in the split menu layout?
Do your themes work with
Where do I add my logo/site title/favicon?
What do I do if my images aren’t the correct sizes?
Why aren’t my images displaying on the homepage or in the sidebar?
My featured images are cropping weird/aren’t looking right. What should I do?
My blog post images aren’t showing up at all. What should I do?
I’m using a plugin that automatically displays social links everywhere, but it’s looking kind of ugly when paired with your themes. What should I do?
I got a redirection error, and now I can’t access my homepage. What happened?
Why is my Instagram Widget not showing images?
How come the Javascript on my site stopped working?
I’m getting a “block contains unexpected or invalid content” error. What do I do?
Help! I’m having an issue that’s not on this list.


I got an error message that said “zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid.” What did I do wrong?
How do I update the theme?